These days I am learining first aid. People say that doctors are next to god. And it feels good to know the basic of the doctors job. Imagine you are home or hanging out with friends and suddenly there is some mishap and someone faints or gets a heart attack or there is some accident and the blood doesn’t seem to stop and you know what to do so that the situation doesn’t get worst, until you get the patient to the nearest hospital.

            Today as we were practicing on a dummy model it gave a great pleasure to actually know what is our job and how you can save lifes.

            The reason to write this post is not to tell you about my experience on first aid but to urge you to join this as well.  It is really important for us to know all these small things. Accidents don’t happen with a earlier notification, it just happens. Well then you have to know how to tackle it intelligently and help the patient to recover or atleast be in peace till he reaches the hospital.

            You can also use it in a normal life like small wounds, cuts, or burns.

            Well I guess, everyone should learn first aid. It really help and gives you great satisfaction.




How to give artificial respiration.


-         first check if the person is breathing or not.

-         Then check his pulse

-         If the breathing has stopped, then clean his mouth with a clean cloth.

-         Close his nose and give him mouth to mouth respiration

-         Then current ration of how to give the respiration is 2:15 ie give the repiration 2 times and then give the cardiac massage 15times

-         After giving the respiration, pump his chest in the middle 15times

-         If the person is still unconscious repeat the same thing again.




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