Quality > Quantity??? ( in a relationship )

 It was almost 2 yrs back, there was this friend of mine who used to play for our school football team. They used to have their practice everyday evening, and his guy who I am talking about had never missed any practice until the day when he met this girl. Yeah! It was the same old fling that he had for her and she used hang out near the place where these people used to have their practice. So things began to get messy and one day another friend of mine asked me if I knew why he was skipping practices so often?.

            I told her the reason. And all she said was tell him to watch high school musical. Well yeah, even I found no connection between the two topics initially, but when gave it a thought I got to know what she meant. Wasn’t it the same situation in the movie?? His basket ball practice and her scholastic competition together and yet they wanted time for each other.

            People say that when a guy or a girl falls in love they change. They don’t care for their friends they don’t care for anything around except the love of their life. And this is generally said that the girl changes the guy with all her tantrums. What I believe is, Its really not how people change its just the way of how people are compatible with each other how they just understand each other and give importance for one another.

             life is busy these days, and its really not easy to keep your loved once happy and give them the attention that they want. But all it takes is for you to learn how to manage things, how to manage your professional as well your personal life. 

            If you both are not able to spend time together often then there are soo many other small things that you can just do to make your partner feel better. Example – text him/her where he is or what he is doing or just one I love you will do wonders, or the next time you meet him/her get some chocolates or something that he/she likes, or a small gift ( for a girl, a rose or a ring will do the magic ),. Or just leave him/her a sweet love letter or a note in his/her bag or wallet just the place where your partner will find it easily when you are not around, you both can watch a movie together at your place holding each other cuddling with each other, or just a hug will do the magic in most of the time

            Honestly, I believe its not how much time you spend with your partner its how you spend the time.

                        Quality > Quantity