I had recently been to a family function few weeks back. After lunch all the relatives sat together for a short chat. It so happens that I happen to be the only girl in the family who will now turn to her so called “ marriageable age” rest all are either married or are two young to think about their marriage.

            So everyone just started off, according to them as soon as I complete my graduation my mom should start hunting for guys to get me married. The thing is, why cant our elders take the marriage thing with a ease?? Why are they always in a hurry to get the girl in their house married. I know there are problems for the girl if she does not get married in her right age. I know she has to face many taunts and everything. But that is what we should change.

            Cant a girl be given equal importance as a guy and allowed to earn some money and be independent why she has to be dependent on her man. And this so called marriageable age ie 25 to 30..why is that supposed to be there. This is where education matters, and this is where I feel west is the place to live. In India the child is dependent on their parents till his / her’s 30s. where as in west the child is independent on his 18th bday itself. So here is the calculation. In India, a person should get married by 25yrs of age so by his or her’s 30 they will have a child of approx 2 to 3 yrs of age. So by the time the parents turn 60 and get retired the child is around 30yrs of age. So the parents support their child till his 30th, and then as the parents turn 60 and get retired all the responsibilities of supporting the family comes on the childs shoulder and that is it. It will be his first job or just the starting, so the salary wont be much and then poverty will come in picture.  Whereas if there were more opportunities in here for children to start working as they get 18 this wont be the picture.

            Another thing is, the idea of arrange marriage, you meet some complete  unknown guy, and then decide to get married to him. Without knowing much about his past his character his friends and family. Obviously when he is meeting you he will be at his best and wont show any bad side of him to you. But isn’t it important to know how he is in his day to day life? This is why I feel love marriage is better, like you know the guy very well you know how compatable you are with him.

            And with the understanding between you too you both will support eachother as well.

            Love marriage vs arrange marriage, this is one question that can never be solved it depends of individual thinking. But I belive education will play and important role in solving this question.


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