Age Diffrence!

I always belived that if u date someone elder to you, you will have differences in thoughts and views and also to some extend will be difficult to handle the relation. Then I met this guy. And he sort off made me feel that I was wrong and that even with a age difference the relationship can still work out.
But as it went on, it never workes. He was a bit shy type of a guy and was not at all romantic and all. I had seen many of my male friends who changed themselves for their better half’s and are now happy with them. I have even seen people be in a serious relationship for 3 to 4 yrs at a strech and are still going fine. So when I met this guy I initially let him do what he wants so he can feel comfortable and gave him his space, thinking once he is okay with the girlfriend thing he will be normal and be a normal boyfriend. But that never happened he started to take me for granted, his behaviour changed .
Why all guys have to think that they are the one to rule. They cnt respect for what their girls think. Nor do they show as if they care. What on earth is their problem?? I really don’t know, what I am writing right now. But it’s the only way I have to take the my anger out. Or I wish I just get a chance to bash those people who I hate!
Seriously all the guys who are reading this, please learn to respect your girl atleast sometimes in your life.


  1. ahem...sorry for the ignorance...but wat has age gottu do with love..???


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