When Did We Stop Thinking?


This is not a topic to support suicides or to glorify people who have already committed suicide. its just my take on suicide. This thought just came to my mind the other day, I was talking to one of my, tanay, friend about people who commit suicide “ I just feel they are coward, and cant face the world”, he said.

Come to thing of it, I don’t really understand how can you call them a coward? A normal guy will start shaking by the thought of death approaching him, imagine just taking a knife and cutting of your vein or standing on top of the building and jumping down.
I don’t guess the people who commit suicide are coward, I mean to say, how can a coward just cut his wrist off, or jump from a building which will mean “hello… I am not coming back” how can a coward look straight in the death’s eyes and still have courage to commit suicide.
I guess the problem is deeper, instead of sitting and cursing those people who committed suicide and call them coward, why don’t we avoid it by just trying to solve their problem. But no! who got time in this bloody world? All we people think of is how to do great in life and make other sulk. Why cant we bring humanity back? Why cant we sit with our friends and just talk the problem out and help them out?
People who are still act good to people and are loyal are taken advantage of by other people.
World is beautiful and no one really wants to die and leave this world, but there are circumstances where they feel they are helpless and no one to listen to them and the only way out is to get rid of the life in a hope they will get peace after they leave this mean world.


  1. Ppl who do suicide are the bravest ppl just got mad by going after a decision taken in a second... they suffer amnesia for a moment to think about the happiness that they enjoyed in this world...


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