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Get The Look - Deepika Padukone's Black And White Saree - Affordable Alternatives Dupes

The white with black border saree that Deepika Padukone wore recently at an event caught my eye. The stunning white saree with a chic black border is so simple and yet so elegant, its allure lies in its simplicity, exuding an aura of effortless elegance. And with the festive season around the corner, I thought of recreating the look. 

But even though I do not want to spend a bomb on this, I decided to check out our good old Amazon India, and to my surprise found a few really nice sarees. 

Since, I am looking for the festive season, buying a very simple white saree would not do the trick, so I was looking at the black-and-white aesthetics while adding some oomph. 

Here's what I found if you are looking for something similar.

This exquisite Bhagalpuri Handloom Linen Cotton Blend White Saree, embellished with a resplendent Silver Zari Border embodies the essence of timeless beauty and contemporary elegance.

If you want to make it more like Deepika's, add a black sequence border and you are done! Pro Tip: Sticking the border with fabric glue does the trick easily. 

Pair the Saree with statement jewellery for a regal allure or keep it minimalistic for a subtle, sophisticated look.


Here's another saree on which you could put a black lace on and you are good to go!

This Cotton Linen Saree is something that totally complements Deepika's personal style, its graceful and yet a style statement. The pallu and intricate jacquard jari work makes this saree ideal for the festive season as well. 

And here are a few other sarees which I think capture the look and the style beautifully, if paired with the right blouse and accessories, these could give you the same look that you are aiming for. 


  1. Simplicity has its own charm.
    There are so many products available on Amazon! Truly amazing :)
    Looking forward to the upcoming shopping festival.

  2. The saree is beautiful, and that's great you could find affordable alternatives on Amazon.


  3. Your post on getting Deepika Padukone's black and gold look is fantastic! It's so cool to see how you've broken down her style, and your fashion tips and suggestions are super helpful. Thanks for sharing this fashion inspiration – I can't wait to try out this chic look!

  4. So Beautiful thanks for sharing :)


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