Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review


Another week that went by in a blur, because of work I could barely find any time to pause. In a way, it is a good thing that I am busy. But there have been moments throughout the week where I was very close to a panic attack. It seemed like life is slipping away from me and I am not doing anything that I am traditionally, ideally supposed to do. E.g. Get married!

While I do realise that I should be focusing on it on the personal front, but if I am unable to manage it, would it really be that big of a problem?

I mean ya, I would not have someone reliable to depend on, but other than that, what? I am sure I’ll miss on a few important moments in life, but other than that, what?

We are now actively more aware of work pressure and advocate not succumbing to it. Then would it be too much to ask for the same thing in the personal realm as well? Shouldn’t we normalise not giving into personal pressure also?


  1. Personal pressure is where you pressure yourself or others pressure you. On a personal level – I do realistic positive thinking to help me. When others pressure me, I just listen in one ear and get that out of my mind with the other ear.

  2. Absolutely. Do what you think is best for you. There's this Ranbir Deepika film where she says 'Jitna bhi try karo kuchh na kuchh toh chhootega hi' Enjoy what you have.

  3. Society puts so many requirements on people. It is crazy. If you are loving your job and all that goes with that then I would focus there. Marriage is a full time job even though you don't have to be together full time, so it is best to take one piece of life at a time.

  4. My experience is marriage can add a unique quality to life. Someone to share our joys and sorrows with, some special love that no one else can give, the intimacy...


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