Work On Love?

What is fun?

As a kid, everything is fun. Learning new things, toys, playtime – everything gives us such joy that we seldom think about, “Umm.. what should I do today for fun?”

However, as we grow up and a routine sets in, “fun” is a task that we have to remind ourselves to do.

The other day when I was discussing the topic with a friend we realized that fancy dinners, shopping sprees and travel is what we do for fun. But then it got me thinking, “Do I really need to spend money to just have fun?”

What about doing silly things just because…

What about just trying something new or playing a game?

I think we are losing the joy of small, simple things just because they are very old school or because there are fancier ways of doing the same thing.

I want to write a letter to a friends, just because…

I want to take up a dance class, just because…

I want to do something silly, because why not?

What do you do for fun?


  1. Interesting , continuing a child hobby is fun, enjoying nature is fun, listening music closing eyes is fun. Talking to friends is also fun as most only chat these days.


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