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Staycation at Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel and Residences

In the last three month, I went for a staycation at Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel and Residences twice. The idea was to just take a day off and relax. The package that I got was decent and included breakfast, set dinner and free cocktails for two hours in the evening. We requested an early check-in and a late check-out thus making it an almost 2 day staycation. 

The property is huge but most things, including the pool, is shut due to Covid-19. However, the room we requested was the patio room which had a little outdoor space and I quite enjoyed it. They also have the same room with a city view but we requested the courtyard view as I didn’t want to look at building yet again, I can enough of them from my home window anyway.

Since I visited the same place twice, I could see a few changes. The first time I went, the restaurant options were limited. The second time I visited, the venue of the cocktail hour had changed and the finger food served had less variety. It is to note that these variations could also be attributed to the pandemic situation we are current in.

As there wasn’t much to do, we visited the in-house bakery and got some pastries and donuts to eat in the room.

The room had a tub and I used it thoroughly. I should have carried some bath salts or bath bombs. If you too are going for a staycation and your room has a tub, get some bath salts, you’ll not regret it.

We ordered some room service for lunch but the food is priced as per the 5 star standards – which according to me is a bit too much. Plus there’s additional GST and room service charges which again increased the cost of the meal. The good thing is you can get food delivered from nearby restaurants via Zomato or Swiggy. You’ll just have to go to the gate to collect it. Or else, you could just visit the restaurants in the hotel and eat there.

The cocktail hour was fun and they have a good variety of alcohol to pick from. There were different types of wines and spirits, however I am not sure if they serve cocktails.

The set dinner is yum but honestly, we were so full from the finger food we ate during the cocktail hour and because we already had alcohol, we didn’t do justice to dinner. We had requested during check-in if we can swap dinner with lunch and they declined.

The breakfast spread was nice and they had several options in different cuisines. I suggest go a little early in the day to avoid crowd. The tea however was not to my liking, I am used to having a proper adrak wali chai and the tea here was just not what I liked. The coffee however is nice. I cannot complain about the rest of the spread, it is delicious.

We checked-out at around 5pm.

The package that we opted for is no longer available, however, cocktail hour is included in the club rooms, so if you too wish to indulge a bit during the staycation, opt for club rooms. Breakfast is anyway generally included so you are sorted on that front. As per the meal, you can crack a deal while booking. 



  1. The idea of a staycation won't appeal to me because I'm a restless kind of person who loves to do something very energetically active every moment. So i envy people who can relax like this. 😊

  2. Great to hear about your Staycation :). Breaks like that are always welcome and much needed sometimes. Particularly in these pandemic times when the options are getting limited, a fulfilling and relaxing stay in a luxury hotel can be the perfect occasion to rejoice and chill out..:)....


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