Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Do we have our priorities right?

My heart ached as I saw numerous videos of migrant workers walking towards their home. Hundreds of kilometres, with children, families and elderly, with barely any resources available. After a point, I couldn’t take it anymore and actively chose to not watch those videos but I am not able to do much for them. 

The honest workers who in a way help run our country without much hassle, are at the moment homeless, penniless and with no help. The silence from the authorities is deafening. 

While the PM announced his 20 lakh crore economic package, no one waited a minute to evaluate it. He himself said that it is a SUM of all the packages that they have already announced. Many experts have already said that the actual package is somewhere in the ballpark of 1-3 lakh crore. 

Let’s also keep in mind, that all of this may take time to get implemented and reach the needy. In the meantime, these migrant workers are without a job, without pay and have to still feed their family and ensure a roof over their head. They are left with very limited options. In my opinion, what is needed right now is to ensure that they get some money immediately. Isn’t this the very reason why the government asked every citizen to open a bank account a few years back? This is the time to make use of those bank accounts and put some relief amount in it. 

For those privileged who are reading this, please take a pause and evaluate what is happening around you instead of just being a spectator. I am sure you’ll recognise the ground reality and the challenges that a number of people around you are facing. 


  1. Wonder what's happening with the PMCares millions too.


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