The beauty of not caring

If you look around you’ll notice that a number of people around you are stressed or dealing with anxiety. It is not only common but scary when you notice its rapid growth. I deal with anxiety at times, it was after I noticed that this was a growing concern I began to divert my mind and honestly Just Stopped Caring!

Not caring can be associated with a negative quality, but at times, that is all you require to lead a happier, carefree and positive life.

Less stress
The biggest and the best benefit of not caring is that it immediately cuts down on your stress levels. The minute you stop caring, you do not have anything to worry about!

Only people who matter, matter
Not caring doesn’t mean you withdraw from everyone and not be available to them during tough times or when they need you. Not caring also doesn’t mean that you don’t empathize with your closed people.
Make sure you have a clear idea about people who matter to you, people who are important to you. People other than your close knit circle is not your concern and you should worry less about them.

More time to focus on important things
When you stop worrying about, you have more time to focus on good and more important things in your life. It frees up sometime for you to indulge in an activity that makes you happy.

Continuing the above topic – free time means you can finally take up that hobby you always wanted to. You can learn to play an instrument, read or listen to music or binge watch a series. Anything that makes you calm down, relax and take your mind off everything else.

Always happy
The Biggest perk of not caring is that you tend to be a happier person, you are in your own Lala-Land and that’s just perfect for me. 


  1. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  2. I actually agree with you, not caring for certain things that give us stress and anxiety can actually help us in living happy life. I think, we all should learn this art and focus towards what actually makes us happy.

  3. Very true, Not caring is a way to happiness and lead stress free life where only those who matter exist and this gives lot of time to focus on more important things which really matter. Great post Pooja, thank you so much for writing and sharing this :)


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