Work On Love?

Constant battle

Why is life a constant battle? Why is it that when something is right, something else has to go wrong. Actually, it feels like these days everything goes wrong at the same time and then it is a constant struggle to fight back the tears.

I am a kind of a person who can cry easily, my eye tear up in a minute and there is no holding back once they appear. It does at times make me look like a week person, but there is nothing really I can do about it.

I believe these mid-20s is a difficult phase, you not only have to worry about getting done with your academics, but finding the right job and if you already have one then you are worrying about how to climb the corporate ladder, you are not even settled in your professional setup and you have to worry about getting married – that is another ball game altogether – find a guy, fit into his family, figure out if your future plans match, etc. etc. the list is never ending. And if for some alien reason, you are one of those girls who likes to lead her life her way, then god save you. You have deal with parents, men, society pressure everything just to make them understand that your terms are not wrong, they are just different.

Everyone advices you to be a strong, independent woman but actually I think I am done being the strong, independent woman.  Because I understand that strong, independent woman also do have their bad times, and where are we supposed to go that time? Who are we supposed to look at for comfort?