Book Lovers by Emily Henry - Review

Can I Eat Please?

It is one of those days when she is stressed and tired. Or maybe, nothing has happened really. She is just craving some yum food.

She checks her bags and finds two apples in it. She knows that she should eat that but she really wants something yummy and nice and greasy and spicy and fattening! Oh no! Not fattening.

“I ate healthy yesterday, I can eat something now and then not eat any junk the entire day. I have almost finished 1.5 liters of water also today,” she thought to herself.

“It’s lunch time, if I eat something now, I am sure I’ll burn it off in the day. I am not really that fat you know. I am curvy, and curvy is nice,” she reasoned.

She knew she had recently put on 2kgs and now she was scared.

She gave in to the craving and had a proper lunch thali in the office cafeteria. The minute the plate was empty, she felt guilt creeping on to her.

Who has made these rules anyway?

Why are we told to watch out weight, figure, size etc. so much?

All she needed was a little encouragement and assurance that she is beautiful, sexy, pretty and hot just the way she is.

Guys, if you are reading this, please do let the women in your life know that she is amazing and beautiful and that you love her just the way she is. You have no idea how much we girls beat ourselves up.

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