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Wine Tasting for Dummies | Wine 101

Wine has always been associated with class and style. And why not, it is one of the drinks that instantly portrays elegance and grace but not all of us are very sure about the nitty-gritty’s of the wine tasting/drinking. Until recently even I was naive to wines but after a recent trip to a Vineyard and reading up a lot online, I have come up with a cheat sheet. Of course these tips won’t make you an expert but it would definitely help you not look like a beginner.

To begin with let’s understand how the wines are named, the wine is named after the type of grape and the fermentation that was used to make the wine. You just need to find the few that you like and memorise the name for the next time. This way, the next time you order, it would look like you know your wines.

The hold of the glass is important, always told your wine glass at the end of the stem. Wine is to be enjoyed at a certain temperature, if you don’t hold the glass at the stem then your body heat may get transferred into the wine which can disturb the wine.

When having wine, you need to remember these 5s!

Hold the glass at eye level and tilt it slightly, look at the rim of the wine and try to gauge the colour. The colour of the wine would tell you the age of the wine.

Red wines tend to get lighter with age, so they will go from a dark dense colour to a paler shade of red/brown. The white wine does the exact opposite; it goes from clear to a deeper amber/gold colour.

You then swirl the glass to add oxygen to it. This makes the wine lighter and gives more aroma.
Smell the wine and try to understand the various undertones and elements that it brings out.

Take a sip.

Swirl it in your mouth so as to taste all the flavour that the wine has to offer.

That’s all you need to know to appear like you know you a little bit about wines. Drink up! Get Drunk! Have an awesome evening!


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