When Did We Stop Thinking?


Pic Credit:www.pexels.com

We are practical beings, everything we do have started becoming a well thought out plan. Job, studies, socialising and networking. It always seems like we are taking well calculated thoughtful steps so that we wriggle our way to our goal.

We have become so practical these days that we have even turned ‘falling in love’ into a plan. We chalk out a plan deciding when to get married, when to have kids and when to start looking out for a guy. And when things don’t work according to your ‘plan’ we call quits.

What happened to the head over heels love? Where everything just happens because your heart says so. Where did that pure unconditional love go?

Do we all need to just pause for a second and really think about how mechanical we all have become?


  1. That's a good point you have raised...we have taken things too far! Need to pause and think where we are headed!


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