Things to Remember Before Your First Trek

Easy first
You are trekking for the first time, even if you are healthy and fit, you wouldn’t know what your body can take and what not. It is always advisable to go on an easy trek first just to check if you are able to do it. It is like testing waters before going in for the dive. If you think you are able to the trek easily then you can go ahead for the bigger treks. If you are not able to then this would be your alarm clocking telling you to work on yourself before going for the trek.

 It is always nice to read up about the place you are going to especially if the place is a remote location where it would be difficult to get help. There are a number of blogs, online articles available online to guide you. Check out the map, routes and roads and also the nearest police station, accommodation, hospital etc. just so you are prepared in any kind of an emergency.

Plan your trip; don’t let any surprises throw you off your budget. Always check with hotels, find about the transport facilities and the food options available.

List it down
Make a list of everything that you might need for the trip. Refer to this list while packing for the trek so that you don not miss out on anything. List down things that you would have to buy on the way or when you reach your location. Maintaining a list will help you stay organised and will make sure that you do not forget the essentials. If you know someone who is a regular trekker or who has trekked where you are headed then ask them for things that you might need.

Comfort is the key
It is very important to be comfortable throughout the trek. Make sure your clothes and shoes are comfortable. Check the weather conditions of the place you are headed to, this will help you understand what kind of clothes you need to carry.

Pack light
You would be walking with the luggage so make sure that you backpack is light and easy to carry. Pack just the essentials and not the things that you may not need during the trek. Packing right is the key here.

Stop smoking and build stamina
Make sure you are prepared for the trek. Stop smoking and go for runs and hike near your house before the trek. This would help improve your stamina and make the trek more enjoyable for you.

Carry a stick, it helps you walk better.
Carry medication and glucose powder to give you instant energy.

It’s not a race
Remember, it is not a race. Don’t rush into it, you might trip or fall or hurt yourself. Trekking is about getting one with the nature. Pause, look around and enjoy the nature around you.

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