Himalaya Foot Care Cream – Review

Winter is here and that means that we need to pay some extra attention and care to our feet. Ideally we should be taking care of our feet throughout the year but winters do call for that extra love.

Himalaya sent me their Foot Care Cream and I have been trying to for a week now. The cream comes in a nice tube which makes it easy to apply directly on the feet and heels. It claims to give you soft supple feet in one week. They also claim that it moisturises and soothes your feet.

You need to apply the cream twice on clean feet and allow it to dry. Ideally they recommend to apply it after bath and before bedtime. I have cheated here; I applied only once, before bed. But it has worked for me anyway. Now I don’t really have really cracked or dry feet but it does make my feet feel nice and soft after a hectic day.

I apply a generous amount on my feet and massage it in and then wear socks over it to retain the moisture. I have been loving it.

We wear heels, are all over the town most of the time and our feet do deserve some caring. This is the best way to pamper your feet.

It retails for INR 110/- for 50gms of product.


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