Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Do They All Cry In The Loo?

She sneaked into the loo, checked the time on her phone and made a mental note that she has ten minutes. If she stays there for more than ten minutes then people might notice that is missing from her desk.

Lowered the toilet seat cover, removed her spectacles and started crying. As silently as she could.
The last two weeks had been rough on her, she was asked to work on projects that she didn’t enjoy. Her partner seemed to not understand her any more, the office gossip and cribbing was getting on to her.

She tried to be happy. Every morning she would make sure that she greats everyone with a joyous good morning only to receive a grumpy ‘hello’ in response.

She tried to cheer herself up by planning her boyfriend’s birthday, but he seemed to be not interested in any part of it. All she did was look up things online that she could possibly gift him, this was her favourite pastime every time she felt upset.

They had been arguing for three days straight and right now as she sat in the loo crying from 11.11am to 11.21am she wondered if today would be any better.

Her friend is getting married soon, and he is stealing her ideas which she had planned for her wedding. The family is expecting too much out of her and she is forced to deliver to their demands because if she doesn’t do that, she becomes the bitch.

She is just tired, drained, exhausted and needs some love. A warm tight hug which would say that things are going to be fine, no, a warm tight hug which says that this ARE fine.

She checked the phone again, it was 11.20am.

She wiped her tears and fixed her face and came out of the loo with a big bright smile wondering how many other people in the office might be having a bad day and how many of them must be crying silently in the loo. 


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