Adlabs Imagica | Fun Getaways Near Mumbai and Pune

I recently made my way to Adlabs Imagica, they have come up with a Snow World and thus they invited me to check the place out.

We left from Dadar at 8.30am and reached Imagica by 10am. Mind you, we didn’t take any breaks in between.

The place is close from both Mumbai and Pune and I suggest you go by road. They do have bus service available so I would suggest that you check their website before you plan your trip.

We went on a Saturday and it was crowded! We had the express passes so the crowd didn’t bother us much.

We first went to the Snow Park and it was amazing! They have snow, igloos, snow slide and hurdles.
They do provide you a jacket, shoes and gloves. Remember to carry your own socks or you will have to buy it from there. Every 20 minutes there is a snowfall and dance party. It all is really cool and I didn’t want to get out of that place but I had to because I started freezing.

We next went to I for India which was the highlight of the day for me. They have shot at all the iconic places in India from a helicopter and they project the same on a huge screen while you are suspended midair. I actually asked the person sitting next to me if the seats were moving, they were not. The entire experience was new and there were moments when I felt like I was in a real helicopter.
We then proceeded for lunch; we opted for a buffet lunch at one of the restaurants. They had a lavish spread and I filled my plate with chicken, gulab jamun and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.
The rest of the day was filled with adventure and rides, I wouldn’t tell you much about all the rides as I might ruin the experience for you but following are the must try rides:

Wrath Of Gods
Deep Space
Scream Machine

We waited to witness the parade which was fun and the laser show that followed. We left from the place around 8pm and I reached home by 10.30pm.

Things to remember:
  • Carry your own socks if you are planning to go to the Snow World
  • Do not carry Selfie Sticks, Eatables or any Beverages. They are not allowed inside the theme park
  • A few rides involve water so be prepared for that
  • In Deep Space you cannot wear any metallic things including bobby pins in your hair, so I suggest you carry a hair band
  • Do not eat a lot before the rides, it is advisable to take a break after lunch and indulge in rides that are a little less on the thrill quotient.

They have a Multi-park 3 day combo ticket that you would check out. Link:
Ghar Se Ghar Tak offer. Link:
They also have a contest going on, where you click a picture in the theme park and upload it using the #Imagica , if you manage to get 150 likes, you stand a chance to win. You can get in touch with the staff there for more information.