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Are We BFFs Now?

I have always had more male friends than female; if I remember correctly then I have not had more than 10 female friends in my entire life. Yes, there are acquaintances or some people I hang out with because the situation asks for it but, a sit down and actually have a connection with has happened with people from the opposite gender. However the one female friend that has made it through all these years was funnily enough, not really close to me back in the day.

In school, I remember we always had a difference of opinion and never happened to get along even if we tried. Whenever I reminiscence about the old days the following incidents pops in my mind immediately.

A little background: a few select people from our class were big Harry Potter fans (I still am a diehard Potter fan) so we would generally discuss the books and the plots and trivia etc. the 5th Harry Potter books – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had just released then and we all wanted to lay our hands on it. And this friend – Oh did I mention that we both share the same name? Her name is also Pooja, anyway, so Pooja had already got the book and we all were super jealous about it.

Pooja came to me and says,”Dumbu dies!!!” and then before I could react she wanders off to meet her other friends.

I was sitting there dumbstruck and furious at the same time! Did she realise that she gave out the biggest blooper? Did she realise that she has ruined the book for me.

My Mind started hyperventilating thinking if I would cry when I get to that part of the book, what if I don’t cry? I am sure every potter fan is going to cry when they read that part. What if now I am just immune to it and I don’t feel anything at all. I was so furious!

Anyway, we moved on, grew up and college started soon. We were not in contact much that time. And then a couple years back we happened to bump into each other and decided that we should hangout soon. This “let’s hangout soon” is used very colloquially even when you don’t really mean it, and I dismissed it immediately. I knew that we were never going to get to the hanging out part anyway. But to my surprise, we actually did decide to meet up and on one Monday evening, after work, we decided to meet at the Starbucks near to our house. The conversation flowed, the stories kept coming and by the end of it we realised how similar we both were.

You know that the friendship is going to last when you are comfortable to be your most vulnerable and honest self with that person. Even though we had met after a lot of years, we did not begin on a formal setup; the conversation felt like it was with someone I knew for ages! And that was the beauty of it.

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