Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Pink - Were They or Were They Not Escorts?

Pink is the talk of the town, I recently saw the movie and loved it. However when discussing the movie with colleagues, we shared some observations. And I think I am going to say that the girls really did take money.

I tweeted the reasons and sharing the same here. Would love to know your opinion and thoughts about the movie in the comments below.



  1. Indeed a No is a No! No matter who says it, be it an Escort or otherwise.

    xoxo Chaicy
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  2. Hmmm Actually there are GREY spots too sometimes.. I worked in a profession for 14 years and have seen a lot ..

    and I dont believe in these Polls .. the 100% people who voted as NO .. they were not prostitutes How many of them actually went with the Flow.. since everyone was saying NO so they said No :)

    but yeah a NO means NO.. for sure


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  4. My two cents... Characterization was poor and cinematography/picturization definitely could have been more natural and unaffected. The storyline had huge potential but there are big loopholes, either intentional or inadvertant. I think. The actings were powerful but I thought at times there were too much of an effort on display. However the message of the movie is steadfast, no dispute in that... No means No, and the writer/director does a good job to pulling back the storyline to the matter of consent and not character. Overall a great effort with an intense message, but could've been better executed.

    Saw it today, therefore commenting on it 6 months too late.

    But on the escort issue, agree with your investigative findings. Does make a credible case that they were in the profession.


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