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How To Organise Your Wardrobe And Make Sure You Don’t Repeat The Same Outfit

Closet cleaning can get a little tedious.  For me generally the problem is to maintain the closet. Whenever I clean my wardrobe, it stays fine for a week max and then it goes for a toss again. I was working on a system to make sure that all my clothing related problems get resolved and have come up with this technique. Sharing the same with you.

If you are into apps then I cannot stress enough on how useful they can be. They help you see your entire wardrobe at one go and thus makes it easier to pick out clothes. There are few apps that can make your work easier, available for both IOS and Android. The good thing about these apps is that bloggers can use it to feature their clothes on their website. You can mix and match your style and then upload the same on your blog, you can even add accessories and shoes.


Apps are great but I wanted something simple. I thus took a picture of all the clothes that I own and created a personal Pinterest board. I just flip through it every morning and pick clothes for the day. It indeed has made my life easier now that I don’t have to rummage through my clothes to figure out what to wear. This also keeps your memory fresh thus you won’t forget that little top you bought a while ago.


Empty Rack
This is similar to the laundry bin concept, just that, instead of a laundry bin I have kept an empty section in the wardrobe to keep all the clothes that needs to be washed.

Make Your Own System
Be it colour coordinating, stacking a certain type of clothes together or any other system. This way you’ll know exactly where to look for when you want to certain piece.

I have sectioned my clothes into: Indian, Tops, lingerie, shrugs, scarfs and Bottoms. So every time I need anything, I know exactly where to look.

Put the clothes that you have recently worn at the top of the pile, and always reach for clothes from the bottom. This way the tendency to wear the same outfit frequently is diminished.

If you hang your clothes then you can hang all the hangers in the same direction. Every time you wear a certain outfit just hang it the other way round. This way you’ll know that you have worn it recently and that you should not repeat it.


  1. Organising your wardrobe can be a herculean task, especially if you have to go out at a daily basis, be it work, for lunch or running errands. I like the Hanger Idea. Will put that to use for sure.

    1. Yup. That's true. It is always a task to dress well everyday. Do let me know if the idea works for you.


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