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How Much Does An Uber Driver Earn?

At the end of one tiring day, I booked an Uber Share to get home. After the driver picked me up he informed that we have to pick up one more passenger. I put my earphones in and started to unwind. A few minutes later the other passenger cancelled the cab and I had an entire cab for myself.
The driver got chatty and started sharing his experience. We soon got on to the topic of how much he earns and the verification process one has to go through to officially join Uber.

He said that he had to go through three rounds of security check before he could get on board with Uber.
“But then why are there so many incidents of molestation and eve teasing in Uber?” I enquired.
“In Uber?” he exclaimed “Nahi madam, koi aur hoga. Uber mein toh aisa hota hi nahi hai” (No madam, it must be something else. No such incidents happen in Uber)
“It’s in news all the time! Plus so many posts are circulated online,” I defended.
“Nahi madam, online ka nahi pata,” he said (No madam, I don’t know about online)

We soon got to the earnings and he said that they have to drive for at least 10 hours, and in those 10 hours they have to take at least 5 rides, anything above that is their incentive.

So here’s how much they earn,
They have to ride for at least 5 times in a day
2 trips in the morning and
3 trips in the evening
For the morning 2 rides and the 3 rides in the evening they get paid INR 330/- each.
If they exceed the trips, for eg. They make 3 trips in the morning instead of 2 then, they will get 330x2 = 660 for the first 2 trips
And for the third trip, they will get 330 + whatever the fare is – 20% (this 20% goes to Uber)
The similar is pattern is repeated in the evening.

My driver had already completed 10 rides that day and I was his last pick up. (You can do the math)

Of course, it’s his own car so the maintenance, diesel/petrol, the phone where they use the Uber app and the data charges for the same are taken care by the driver himself.

He also said that they don’t have an option to deny a ride, if a ride is given to them, they have to take it. They also get to know the destination only when they pick you up and start the ride.

Ratings play an important role, drivers with higher rating gets notified about ride requests first thus giving them the chance to get more rides.

Uber also have schemes and deals for the drivers on special days and holidays. Thus making sure they ride the car even on holidays.


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