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Ladies, please!

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Ever since I came across the word Feminism, I have had these confusing ideas about various topics related to women.

A quick google search on the definition of ‘Feminism’ throws this up:

the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

How can we manage to complicate everything is beyond me, today however I am going to talk about just one thing.

Money. Finance. Wage. Salary. Bucks. Funds.

So the one thing that I have learnt is that women expect husbands to earn more than them. The logic of which I do get, I would like the financial safety and security that a well-paid husband brings.
Then again, if you are a feminist then this shouldn’t be your concern right? You can’t talk about equal rights and then expect the guy to earn more than you do.

We have issues with men getting paid more than women, we protest about that. Cool, I agree with it. Both should get equal pay. And if you agree with this then you just cannot expect your man to earn more than you do. You both should be each other’s financial security.

Yes, women has had it bad for decades or even centuries together and it did take a lot of time, effort and struggle to give us the kind of freedom we have now. and we still do have a long way to go, we still have to make sure that the coming generations get even better life than we do now but in the process let’s keep in mind that not every man is evil. We can cut them a little slack. 


  1. :) well said.

    I think the people who go on rants and rallys saying things probably do the complete opposite when they go back home and close the doors..

    Its all about trying to get attention so i usually call them attention seekers .. THere are FAR more bigger issues that all the pallava that some people come out with ..

    Like providing water in remote areas where ladies have to walk miles and miles to get water .. while the men tend to the fields .. NEVER heard any of the so called feminists waging a war to make sure Water is provided .. :)


    1. True. I agree with everything you just said, there indeed are better and bigger issues to address.


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