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Lion and Tiger Safari – Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The minute I learnt that there is a lion and tiger safari at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, I knew I had to visit the place. I did my online research and gathered that people were actually able to see a Tiger. That just boosted my wish to go there even more.

I went on a weekend, and I reached around 7.30 am but the place was still crowded. The safari ticket counter opens around 9am so we had ample time to figure out where the place is and for some photo ops.

The ticket and the seating in the bus is on the first come first serve basis, so make sure you reach early so you can get the best seats.

Tip: Do not sit on the seats that are behind the driver. The Tiger is going to be on the opposite side. (Lion Safari is shut for a while)

If you have children with you then please instruct them to be quite and not talk much when you spot the tiger. We had a few kids in my bus and although I love kids these ones just didn’t want to shut up, worse thing was the parents supported that and didn’t even try to keep them silent, that mostly ruined the experience for all the other people in the bus.

The bus has grills all over thus making it safe. The complete ride is for around 15minutes which is quite reasonable for the fee that they charge (I don’t remember how much exactly, but it was within INR 100)

The Starting point of the safari is a good 20 minutes walk from the entrance, so unless you want to walk you can take your car inside.

There are a lot of other things that you can do at the National Park, I am planning to do a few more posts on the same.

Check out the vlog above for more details! J


  1. That was an exciting trip you virtually took us along with your excellent narration,many classy photos
    and you tubes.I could get the feel of having visited personally.How many tigers and lions are there?

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures... Nature is awe inspiring!

  3. Wow.... you got to see the tiger.
    Like that picture of the tree canopy.

  4. A beautiful journey and love your photo too..

  5. I've always wanted to go to safaris and see animals up close. :)

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