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Water Crisis

The other day there was a water cut in my building, because we didn’t know that the water cut was going to happen we didn’t have any water saved up. Almost all my work and meetings got delayed because I just couldn’t carry on with my daily chores without water. Now imagine a water cut everyday, imagine not getting enough water, imagine government imposing section 144 in your area because they foresee a riot due to water crisis.

Scary isn’t it?

Actually, you don’t even have to imagine that. The section has already been imposed in Latur in Maharashtra. 

You can read about it here and here

The thought that humans can turn against each other for water is scary! Really really very scary! And it’s even scarier that the other half of people who for now have water are not using it wisely. I see water wastage everywhere! Come on people, these are the things we learnt about in school as a part of our primary education. Why are we behaving like illiterate literates? 

The IPL matches are terrifying me even further; lakhs of liters of water would be wasted just for a few games. That same water could save so many lives and when I say lives, I don’t only mean humans, it also means cattle, birds and other animals in our surroundings. They need water too.
I completely agree with the Governments stand that they matches should be rearranged in some other state where there is no water problem.

Just today morning, I saw a water tanker with a leaking tap. A lot of water was wasted, something needs to be done about that as well.

It’s the small daily things that we do that contributes to wasting water, can we just try and be a little more cautious about the thing that is so very important for or survival?


  1. My heart bleeds for these who dont have access to basics like water

  2. I think there is going to be some sort of showdown if the IPL goes ahead with the match in Mumbai.
    There is a school in Pune (Pimpri) where the students empty their water bottles in a large bin before going home. This collected water is used for watering the plants in the school area. What a novel idea.


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