Why is it that things that you get are not exactly the things that you want. Especially when it comes to relationships, why are things always so difficult? She was surrounded by women who have some or the other guy related issue. And while she kind of did have a man she wasn’t really sure if she had him.

What happens when you hook up with a friend? What happens if later one of the two starts falling for the other? Are there any fairy tales where things just happen to work out and there are hearts and butterflies and chocolates around? Or do they just have a fall out and one of the two ends up on the couch with a sad movie and a tub of chocolate ice cream while the other moves on like nothing really happened?

Every time this thought comes to her mind and gets her upset, she reminds herself that if that person doesn’t care about her then she shouldn’t let that person affect her as well.

Smile and don’t let him affect you.