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Home Decor Favorites

Who doesn’t like a well-furnished home? Listing down a few of my favorite things from Deco Home.

These decorative cushions can add elegance to any house almost immediately.

The red and gold classic combination can never go wrong, it adds a certain elegance and class to the room immediately. However, it would be advisable to keep in mind the colour scheme of the house before opting for this one.

The beauty of this one is that it would fit in with any colour scheme, so even if you have a set something for your room and need some more cushions, you can opt for these ones.

I have always used shelves either to put up books or to picture frames. At times things, artifacts or a special something that will remind me of a memory also finds it place on the shelf. They always work as a great conversation starter and gives you and your guests something to chat about and share stories about your life.

You can also buy curtains online, they again add so much more to the room. Although I love huge windows and can never settle in a room that doesn’t have enough sunlight or natural air but curtains sure does give you that little privacy which is needed.

They have a lot more options to consider, I just noted down few things that I liked. Do check out Deco Home, Deco Window and Deco Essential

Not entirely giving the credit to the furniture but yes, they do make a huge difference in your house. It makes your house a home! 


  1. Cushions and curtains adds freshness to home... Looks interesting.. Will check out the site... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Like the last one.... the white curtains.


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