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For where all love is

“For where all love is, the speaking is unnecessary”
— Diana Gabaldon

Just read this quote and although it sounds all nice I wonder why shouldn’t one say it? It’s love right? Wont it be just amazing if the opposite person knows that they are being loved? I have seen a lot of people hiding their feelings towards someone just out of the fear of rejection.

For me, the sooner the person tells me that they like me the better. Yes, I want that thrill of meeting someone and then slowly falling in love with them, the thrill of not knowing what’s happening, the thrill of wondering if he is going to tell me tonight, noticing the cute adorable little things that they do for you to show that they care etc. totally love all of that.

However after some time I just need to know what that person really feels for me. Is that too bad? Too needy?

I don’t care. It’s just better that way.

And if you are on the fence wondering if you should tell the person that you like them then jump off that fence and go to that person and tell them exactly how you feel.

And if they don’t feel the same for you then respect that, go back to real life and snap out of the fairy tale. Don’t forget though that there is a chance that they might reflect the same feelings as yours.

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  1. quite practical.
    I wish if everyone could pull it off

  2. Lines "For where all love is, the speaking is unnecessary" describes Love in much better way than anyone can do.Thanks for Sharing.

  3. my perspective is... love is a language in itself... actions, attitudes and response can coommunicate the love better than few words... Like I can say "I love you" and never mean it... But I can never make the other one feel my love if my actions/attitude doesnt correlate to what I say (What I dont say for that matter).

    am I too confusing? Pardon me if I am :(


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