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Fantastico Goa Weekend with Tata Zica

Goa, beach, food and a wonderful drive. That’s how I would like to describe my last weekend. After a crazy work schedule (one of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging much, will start blogging from now on) I was eager for a vacation or a short trip just to refresh myself. Luckily I got a call from Indiblogger asking if I would like to go to Goa and I agreed in a second, if not sooner than that.

We had an 11.35am flight from Mumbai to Goa, upon reaching there the Indiblogger team was prompt of picking us up and taking us to the Alila Diwas. I was in love with the place the moment I saw it, it was so serene and secluded. The first thing that came to my mind was LUNCH! Which didn’t disappoint me at all. Sitting by the flowing water, chatting with other bloggers over lunch was just the kind of a weekend I was asking for. The start was good!

Football and I, actually, any sport or physical activity and I are two opposite ends. I don’t know what or how or why but I did attempt at playing football that day on the beach. Maybe that’s what Goa does to you, or maybe that’s what being surrounded by an amazingly enthusiastic group of people does to you.

We had a locker room session and cocktails and lunch planned for the evening. The locker room session was so exciting! They had created an actual locker room for us! I am still getting calls from friends asking for the Messi jersey :D :P
The icing on the top was Cyrus Sahukar who just made the entire experience much more fun and full of laughter. They introduced us to the new Tata Zica, after looking at the car and getting to know the features I just couldn’t wait to try it out the next day. We got sorted into teams and the prep for the next day began! Before that however I shamelessly stuffed my face with noodles, chocolate truffles, cupcakes, tarts and gulped it all down with Mojitos.

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The karaoke session was so much fun, check out the video below for the entire scoop.  I can’t even express the energy that was in the air in words. Everyone was just having a gala time.

We had an early wakeup call the next day so I decided to call it a night early and snuggle up in my comfy bed. All excited to try my hands at the new Tata Zica, I actually woke up 2minutes before the alarm went off.  
We got our car and then it was no turning back, the day was just filled with taking pictures, completing challenges that the wonderful people on twitter sent and creating more videos.

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The car is so comfortable! Anita was driving first, and she kept saying that the car is so smooth. We drove around for around 3-4 hours and not once did we feel tired. With enough leg room, bottle holders, music applications etc. this car is just the answer to things I needed.
I snapchatted the whole experience and the car, follow me there if you aren't already Snapchat Id - PoojaMahimkar

Remember how we always fight over which song to play when travelling? Well now, everyone in the car can just queue their requests using the mobile app and the songs will keep playing. No more arguments! Everyone gets their chance to play the song.

I took to the wheel for some time near Varna, and fell in love with driving again.

We returned back to the hotel, had lunch and then decided to play Antakshari till it was time to leave the beautiful place.

I vlogged there as well, Check it out!


  1. Looks like there is lots of space inside, especially for the luggage.

  2. Nicely summarized the whole event and I relived the whole experience again.
    And the pictures are amazing. :)

  3. Awesome... :) The video is cool...We should have put the "Dil chahta hai" part too.. :p

    1. Yes, I haven't got that video yet. Will edit it properly and put it up

  4. Seems like you had a lotta fun driving to Goa, That's a fantastic event by Tata's.

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche - New Post - Jealous 21

  5. Awesome exterior and interior pics of Tata Zica. We are waiting of Tata Zica.

  6. Yay! Our Zica experience was so much fun!
    Nice to meet you, Pooja.
    Discovered the super dancer in you. Loved trying to match your steps in the Matargashti song on the khuli sadak of Goa :)
    Loved your vlog!

  7. It was truly a Fantastico Zica experience.
    Wonderful connecting with you, Pooja. We had a great team.
    Discovered the amazing dancer in you! Tried matching your steps in the Matargashti song on the khuli sadak of Goa!
    Memories for a lifetime!
    Cool vlog!


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