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Part-Time Devdas – Book Review

Part-Time Devdas – Book Review
Author – Rugved Mondkar

In India, when Zaalim Duniya separates a guy and a girl in love, they are called Heer and Ranjha. But when they themselves decide to separate, they are called Devdaas and Paro.

Meet Arjun Kulkarni – a thirty-year-old film director, with actresses and janta equally fond of him and his work. He has a house to himself, a fancy car and enough money to ensure a comfortable lifestyle, and has even had his share of love and flings. Sounds like a complete life, happy and content. Or does it?

What lies behind a smiling face is a painful break-up, which not only took away the love of this life Hrida after seven long years, but also led to estrangement from his parents, buddies, a best friendeven the  country.

From full-time love, to part-time Devdaasgiri; from part-time guilt, to full-time redemption: life seems to come full circle when his sixteen-year-old neighbor Aditi come in without knowing.
Does he find a way back into love or is he destines to a Part-Time Devdaas…?

About the author -  Rugved Mondkar lives in Mumbai and works full time as an Executive Producer with a leading media company where he writes and directs socially relevant short films. Over the past eight years, he has written and assisted on more than a dozen commercial Hindi feature films and another two dozen ad films. He is slated to make his feature film debut as writer and director.

I chanced upon this book right before my exams started and glad I was! Whenever I needed a break I would open this book up. It’s a simple and easy read about a guy and his encounters. Easy to understand and not very high on language makes this book a fun read. If you are new to reading and wants to motivate yourself to start reading then this is the book for you. The stories and relatable and thus helps you get more involved with the book.

You should definitely pick this book up if you are looking for a light read and not something heavy for the mind.


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