When Did We Stop Thinking?

First Autograph

      It was back in 2002 when Band of Boys first released the Meri Neend Song. I got to know that they were launching / performing (I don’t really remember what was the event, it was ages back guys) at Planet M in town. Excited I told my mother to take me to the event. We reached and it was super crowded. I was surrounded with college going students and people who were really into music and I instantly felt out of place. As soon as the event started and these guys started performing my awkwardness turned into awe.
   Once the performance was over, I mustered up some courage and went to the host and asked her if I could get their autograph. Sensing my nervousness she smiled and took me upstairs where the band was waiting. I still remember I was so nervous; I was so close to passing out. Heart pounding loud, hands cold with nervousness and with a lump in my throat I went up to them and asked for their autograph. I think this is what happens when one gets star struck. They were super nice and signed my book immediately. As I turned around and started going downstairs there was a big smile on my face.
  I needed this experience to understand that they are as human as I am. I never got star struck ever again and the fear of approaching someone and talking? Gone!

I was prompted to do this blog after the following incident.


  1. Wow .. Pooja.. You just made my year! God Bless & A big thank you from all of us. Stay Humble!


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