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Long Distance Relationship Chronicle – Day 1 Ends

            Day 1 was so longgg.. I mean really! If days could feel so long without him I wonder how 2 years are going to turn out. It wasn’t even like we weren’t in touch; we were constantly in touch sharing every small aspect of day. I realized that now that we were apart we were sharing more about the happening of the day compared to the time when he was here.

            Still haven’t got used to this feeling. My brains still makes plans and then realize that he is not here. I tried Google hangout but something is off with the connection and the video chat lags a lot, have downloaded Skype but I am not really very familiar with it. It is scary how much we are dependent on technology now. I wonder how people in olden days handled long distance, staying apart for days and months with nothing but just occasional letters to communicate, it must be difficult. 

            I am actually scared how these days feel so long.


  1. This too shall pass.. make this your mantra...and start stashing memories to giggle at together later. Cheers...hubby dear and I have done almost 7 years out of 18 apart...

  2. The distance helps to add romance n closeness between the couples :)
    A Rat's Nibble

  3. I am going through the same thing that you are but I believe that better days will come when we get united with our loved ones again :)


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