Panic Attack

She just laid there
The fear enveloped her. Heart beat went up. She couldn’t breathe.
This had happened before. These days however it was happening more often.
She waited and wished it would get over, she tried to calm down.
Nothing worked! She wanted to scream and call someone for help but she knew no one would understand what she was going through.
Lots of bad thoughts captured her mind. Heart beats still rising, breathing becoming more difficult.
Calm Down! Calm Down! she kept telling herself.
She closed her eyes and let it pass, she felt close to a heart attack. Or was it a demon strangling her with all the devilish thoughts.
And it was over just as suddenly as it started.  She didn’t know what to expect next, she just hoped it didn’t happen again.

It was time now for her to behave everything was alright and put up a smile.