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Garnier Pure Active Real Neem Face Wash Review

The pack says that it Purifies and washes away germs. It has real Neem and Tea Tree Extracts. It fights germs, pollution and removes oil.

I never had pimple problems, but suddenly I faced a major breakout and couldn’t understand the reason behind it. I realized it maybe because I was travelling a lot and was exposed to a lot of heat and pollution (My new college is far away from my house, the commute is tiring). I read online and found that stress and change in routine can also cause pimples, I am facing both these things as well. I tried couple of home remedies but none helped.

I was actually planning to use Himalaya Neem Face Wash but decided against it because last time that I used a Himalaya product it left my skin very dry.

Garnier Neem Face Wash is absolute brilliance. I started using it on 13th November it’s a little over 10 days now and I have seen a major change. My pimples have reduced a lot!!! It also doesn’t leave my skin dry.

It has a gel like feel and is green in colour. Lathers up quickly making it easy while washing your face. It comes in a tube which is easy to use and you can keep a check on the amount of face wash that you are using.

I haven’t exactly used it twice daily, as it is recommended on the pack. I sometimes use it in the morning. Generally I use it after I remove my makeup and night.

I am cynical about every beauty product; I always feel that they are not going to give the same result as they say they will. This one is an exception really!

I would rate it 4 on 5



  1. Neem is good for the skin.
    This looks good!

  2. I am cynical like you.
    But your post says that you liked it and so I think that the product was really good.

    Thanks for sharing !


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