When Did We Stop Thinking?

Dirty Little Secret

Him – So I hear you are home alone today.
Her – yes, so?
Him – I am coming over
Her – No you are not. I know what you are coming over for
Him – ill be reach there in 30mins.

At her house
“We broke up, you don’t love me anymore and don’t plan on getting back then why should we be doing this?” She said
“Relax, it’s just physical we have done this before what’s the harm if we do it again? We are not with dating anyone else for now.” He argued back

Some time later
“We shouldn’t have done this. You said all those nice things just so that I would agree to sleep with you right? You know I still love you.” She said
“To be honest, Yes”
“I am a fool”
“I have to meet my friends, I better get going”
“Are you going to tell them you were with me?”
“No, I can’t”
Oh so you can come sleep with me. But can’t even tell your friends that we meet?”
“Yes, I can’t do that”
“So I am your dirty little secret right? A personal slut
He left without saying anythnig.

She was left with self-loathing, no one had ever made her feel so cheap and disgusting ever. The problem still was that the love she had for him never decreased. She had learnt to live with the self-loathing, disrespectful life and with all the depression and sadness that came with it.

Someones dirty little secret was that she was.


  1. This is really sad...
    When people dont move on.. And yet are scared to be committed, tend to do such things...


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