When Did We Stop Thinking?


Me  – I am so hungry. I wish the lecture gets done soon.
He -  You should really consider having a good breakfast before leaving.
Me  – don’t you start again.
He -  you anyway don’t eat much.
Me -  I do alright. Haven’t you noticed most of the time we meet it’s generally about food. Lunch or dinner.
He – come up with more things to do together then.
Me  -  why don’t you do that? You always tell me to pick things to do.
He – it’s better no? if I start picking things you won’t get to do things that you want.
Me - isn’t the same happening to you now? You don’t get to do things you want. You always just agree to do whatever I say.
He – well that’s the point, I am happy doing things that makes you happy.
Me  - *Blushes*

Thus the boring lecture was spiced up thanks to Whatsapp! :D


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