When Did We Stop Thinking?

Bye Bye Split Ends!

Don’t cut it very short okay? Just a little bit. Get rid of the Split ends ONLY!, every time I go to the salon for my hair cut this is the first thing I would tell them.
            Yes, don’t worry! she would assure me.
And when it was all over ill look in the mirror and would be shocked to see how short my hair has got. Mind you, I have curly hair so it any which ways springs up and the length seems shorter than it really is now add even more shorter hair because of Split ends and it just adds to my hair problems.

            So when I recently tried the TRESemmé Split Remedy I couldn’t help but notice a visible change in my hair. The roots look much healthier and prettier. You know those ugly looking ends of the pony tail? All gone! Thanks to this amazing product.

            I would recommend this to everyone who has split end problems. Use this and watch it all go away! :D


  1. I definitely need , as such i have little hair and probably all have split ends .. os will try this


  2. really ? okay..will give this a shot..i am tired of my dried split ends ya..

  3. Cool :) May split ends be history! Best wishes!

  4. Like Anita said, may it be history.


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