B = Blue

Colours  add a wonderful twist to our lives… a dash of bright coloured clothes can help you make a little bit more cheerful on days when you are not at all excited about going to work or a little bit of pink and you are all set to feel the feminine side of you or wearing that little black dress and entering a party feeling like a diva. For me however colours only meant one thing – BLUE! The obsession started I don’t know when but I clearly had a hard time explaining my female friends back when we were little that its not compulsory to like PINK always!
You can even figure out my love for the colour by my blog!
Here is a list of 5 things why liking one colour has worked for me
1.       Everything automatically matches… considering I always take the Blue of almost everything that I buy it is never a hassel for me to mix and match clothes.
2.       People never get confused about what colour to buy for me – be it anything.. clothes, bags, scarfs, water bottle, pencil… Buy blue and you are sorted.
3.       Sometimes there are things that you don’t like and the only good thing in it is the colour!
4.       A way to differ from other girls who like Pink / Red
5.       I never get confused with colours! Its always the one for me :D

So whats your favourite colour?


  1. My favorite color has always been purple. Blue is relaxing though mikaylinrocks@ A to Z challenge


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