A = Anxious

So I was wondering what will be a topic that will give me a lot of things to write about and still enjoy it without giving up mid way like I have done for countless other Challenges that I took up. The answer was pretty simple - write about things you like! so here goes, I am going to blog about things that matter to me, things I like, hate, dont approve of or approve of etc... you get the idea right?
This may also seem like a tag post... basically a tag post helps give out more information about yourself this will kindof be like that.
And exactly like what I wrote above I am late for the first blog post itself.. sorry for that! So I am going to post 2 posts today ( is that allowed? )

A = Anxious 
Yes so if someone knows me they’ll know that one of the most obvious trait that  I showcase is being Anxious about almost everything and anything. I get worked up by any damn situation and doesn’t matter if that involves something that is in my control or not. I absolutely can’t stand suspense or even wait for something… I need to know things like now!!!
Sometimes obviously I know it irritates the hell out of people who are around me but the good thing is that they put up with that J ( such lovely people around me you see :D a big hug to all of them! ) I don’t even understand people who are completely at peace with the situation around them … someone recently told me that its to do with the age, I don’t agree with it ofcourse.. dude I am 22 how much more older do you want me to get?

 That’s another thing I would like to talk about here AGE! Its more of a confession here actually… I am super petrified with the fact that I am growing up! My birthday is fast approaching that all I want from it is the party but not the growing old part. People generally start panicking when they reach 30 ( or that’s what I have heard ) and if that is true then its happening way to soon for me. Do anyone of you feel the same or am I the only one here? 


  1. We all ten to remain anxious over something or the other but making it a habit is an issue..



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