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Curly Hair Problems!

Hellooo.. today seems to be a good day as somehow my always messy, out of control and unmanageable hair has decided to make me feel good and are actually looking and feeling super awesome! But that’s not what the post is about, the post is about the problems and the horrors that girls with curly hair go through. I was online the other day when I came across these Meme ( or whatever they are called ) and after each one I went like WTF! This is so true!!! :D

 I am just going to post all those pictures in hear so that all the beautiful curly hair girls out there can relate to and people with not curly hair can understand how much of a task it is to manage curls!


  1. Lol... I had the most curliest hair of all. And I straightened it a year back. Thouugh it felt nice and silky, I miss my curlilocks now :( :( Awesome post :)

  2. Totally agree with all the points as I have curly hair! Can identify :)
    same pinch :)

  3. Thanks for such interesting post. I really like this very much. Curl hair is not backdated and I love a lot curly hairy. But if you are not happy you can straight them without damaging. For this use the best hair straighteners in India .


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