When Did We Stop Thinking?

The making of Secret Santa

A little background for those who don’t know what I am talking about, this is regarding a Secret Santa initiative that the Students of Kirti College, BMM Dept undertook as a pre event of their BMM Festival - Moksh. We along with some students of other colleges wore Santa caps and  gave out gifts to street kids on Christmas eve. The initiative got a wonderful response from other colleges as well as was covered in a leading Marathi newspaper and RJ Jeeturaaj appreciated it as well, you can hear us on air on 28th December 2014 on Klub Mirchi on 98.3FM.
So now as that is done I would really like to talk about how all this came about and how we never thought that this would ever be what it is!

It was a random thought that came to my mind on 19th December (5 days before the event) which I shared with Nikhil, to which he immediately said yes! I was still a bit skeptical about the whole thing and how we would plan this out. We met and discussed and decided that we would go ahead with it.  We immediately told our PR team to get in touch with all the colleges and inform them about the event. I wondered how many of them would actually take part in it. I had even told the PR team that they would have to go to each college and collect gift because calling them over to our college would not be something they might be keen on doing but it happened the other way round, all the colleges showed amazing support and came to drop of their gift all the way to our college. I remember going home and calling Nikhil up and telling that incase no one else supports us we would do it just with our college students anyway, but all my worries were washed out when the response from everyone around us was just marvelous. We received so many gifts that 2 cars were not enough to store them. There was a time when I came to college and was amazed by big big bags full of gifts brought in from different colleges and I took some time to get over the amazing response the initiative was getting.  Somewhere every person associated with this cause understood the need for such initiatives and that sometimes it gives you immense happiness in working for others. One of the PR head – Romit told me today that the way other people were responding to the initiative had given him a very positive feeling.
We went out on 24th midnight to give out gifts and it got almost as late as 3am but there was not one person who complained about how late it was everyone was just happy that they could contribute somewhere to make a person smile.
I would really like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone associated with this initiative it really would never have been possible to do something like this had it not been for you guys.

This Christmas would always mark as the bessstest one ever for me, and I am sure that it would be same for a lot of other people as well :) 2013 could not have ended on a better note.