When Did We Stop Thinking?

And the race for BBM for Android and iOS begins

For years now, we lived in a world where iOs looked down upon Android and Android and Blackberry in turn were in a battle with eachother to prove who is superior and the debate went on and on. Android boasted about the variety of apps available while Blackberry boasted about its communication opeitons and that it was a true Business Phone, its another story that this Business Phone had more market amongs the college going students who used BBMto its core.

Now suddenly Blackberry announced that it will launch BBM for Android and iOS and suddenly these people who took every chance to look down upon Blackberry went crazy for BBM. Even before it was officially launched, there were unofficial apps circulated, GooglePlay was fooled with fake BBMs and there were 1.1million downloads in the time span of 8hours. And all this led to Blackberry official postponing the launch of the official BBM ( according the the tweet that they sent out ). I don’t understand why we have become so impatient? There was a time when mobile phones, instant messaging, emails didn’t exist and human beings functioned  just fine. But now when everything is so quick and fast that we all want  everything to be quick. It’s a race to get everything first. The first one to post your pin on facebook, the first one to review the app on your blog or the first one to tweet about it.  And what do you get by doing all this? A few extra likes and retweets. I don’t really think its worth it. I would rather wait for the official app and use it in a hassle free way.