A Step at a Time – Ring the Bell

Violence against women has been around for a long time, we read about it in Newspapers, see it on News Channels and also talk about it and at the end it’s always, “Alas! What can we do about it; it’s not in our hand.” The most we do it discuss it on Social Networking Mediums and believe that’s enough and we have done our part. It’s this violence against women, and by that I mean the Domestic Violence that is prominent in our society that has helped give women the lower status as compared to the man. And somehow it has now even gotten into the mental psychology of the man that he can treat his wife and to an extend even his girlfriend the way he wants.
Indian society has always given women the second status, what’s with the girl leaves her house and goes to her husband’s house? (Not that I am against it, but why can't we even consider it the other way around?)
It’s true that Education plays an important role in shaping how a man behaves with his wife and other family members. I have seen many so-called educated men who treat their wife as if they are inferior to them. But being an aware and responsible citizen of India it is our duty to stop something like this if it is happening with anyone.
For starters, it is very important to make it quite clear that a certain type of jokes which portray domestic violence shouldn’t be entertained, same goes for any jokes about Rapes also.
If someone in your building/work place is facing Domestic Violence at home then talk to them, make her feel safe talking to you about it and then if possible even try to talk with her family members. Of course don’t interfere in their personal issues. But a general idea that such a thing is not good.
Talking about Domestic Violence in public gatherings and with your friends/co-workers won’t hurt as well.
And the easiest and the best way to stop a domestic violence is the “Ring the Bell” you can always get more information on this on