Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

What society are our Kids Going to Grow Up In ?

The news disgusted me as I am sure it did to millions others who read the news. How can anyone be so horny or rather so disgusting to rape a 5 year old actually raping anyone is not justifiable but this was just a lot of testing our patience. And not only that but he actually inserted candles and an oil bottle inside her, I mean that’s the heights of cruelty. And the man who did this was none other than her own uncle. I thought after the rape case in December and the amount of protest which happened after that the number of rape incidents will be less, but I was wrong it just seems to increase with every passing day.
I am more upset because our so called politicians who pretends to work for the people are never active in these things, to make strict laws or to make sure that the person who rapes is given a VERY STRICT PUNISHMENT AND SOON it is of no use when they are punished years after the incident, it should be quick! They always say that they will work for the country but now that the time has come when they country actually needs  some strict actions and a lesson for these people who look at women as just a sex object.
I have said this is many of my previous posts that, I always look at Mumbai as a very safe and secured city for women… but now I guess ill have to change that. I fear Mumbai will follow the path of Delhi soon ( I hope not )
 Just disgusting really, family members raping young girls, friends, classmates, co workers all seem like the same people who are just waiting for a chance to rape you. So congratulations its not only the strangers on the road that you need to worry about but also the people who are close to you and you have known for like forever are also almost the same as those strangers.
I fear the coming generations what kind of society are we going to bring our kids into?

 I also don’t understand what is the problem of actually hanging the people who rape? The country is asking for some brutal and serious punishment to those who stoop down the such disgusting acts. This will prove as an example for those who even think of doing something like this. This is what lacks in India the rules are very flexible and that’s the reason the trouble makers believe that whatever happens they wont be behind bars. 


  1. Well written. But death is too easy and too final. The victim has to suffer the aftermath for the rest of her life - why not the rapist?

    Castrate him and let his family, his friends and his social circle know.And advertise this punishment.

    You think any man is "man" enough to handle this? And is any male politician or concerned official "man" enough to agree to such a punishment


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