Bargain Book Hut, Kala Ghoda

For a long time now I was searching for a book shop that will cater to my reading needs. Being a student and unemployed it was always a big task for me to actually save up money to buy books. With most of the books being atleast above 200/- rupees the task is even bigger. Obviously small book shops and the pirated books came to my rescue as it made both me as well as my pocket happy. But then again the print quality, the cover etc were not up to the mark and sometimes it was a disappointment. My quest for a cheap bookshop was always on, sales etc were again a great help. Recently there was a sale at Sunderbai Hall at Churchgate where they had a huge collection and the bargain was that 1kg books for 100/- rupees. Quite a treat for all the book lovers I must say.
And then I found this one shop snuggled up in a small lane of a busy area. I went there the first time but couldn’t find it. I went there the second time and was successful to find the little door with a small room which was filled with books, and books which were actually affordable. I really don’t know how they do it. But the books are so cheap!!! And that too little used or as good as new books! I spend a good half hour there and I never wanted to leave. The total bill for 6books was 635/- rupees with the discounted price whereas when I added up the original price it was 1465/- rupees, I saved a good 830/- rupees.. quite a treat for my wallet really :D
So go visit this shop, you’ll find wonderful books and exciting offers.
Budget Book Hut, Kalaghoda.

PS -  Do let me know how you liked the show, okay?


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