Book Lovers by Emily Henry - Review

Stop This Shame !!!

Past couple of days I have been dreading to open a newspaper, almost every other news is about someone getting raped, or murdered or murdered due to mistaken identity. I have always thought of Mumbai as a very safe city, and till now it has given me enough reasons to believe so. But now I am so not sure if this can be said about Mumbai anymore. With everything that is happening in Delhi, with a girl getting raped everyday and trust me there is nothing in this world that can ever justify this.
What makes me more angry is the people in India, majority of the people would just read the news, talk about it during lunch breaks, crib how bad the country is and that some change needs to be done, go home update their facebook status and then just forget about it. Why have we become so insensitive suddenly? Had this happened in US or some other developed country a revolt would have already started. This is where we lack, we forget about it in a day and move on in our life. Our judiciary is so slow that the criminals are also sure that no matter what they do they wont be in serious trouble, they will either be out in a jiffy on bails or the court procedures will take years to reach a decision, and this gives them the guts to actually pull of such thing.
What more saddens me is that, some of our media tries to pull TRP’s even on such a sensitive topic. Instead of trying to do something for the victim or to pressurize the government to take proper actions against the criminals, all they do is make some shaddy dramatization of the real event and scare off the audience. Whereas the real job of media is to inform and educate people and also make them realize their responsibilities towards such things.
Being a girl, I have started doubting almost all the strangers. Somewhere down the line there are many issues attached to this which leads to these rape cases, but that again is a different topic altogether.
Also I appreciate Sushma Swaraj for speaking up and demanding that the criminals get a death penalty, something like this is really needed so that people knows that something like this wont be excused. I would really be happy if this thing actually is taken into action and the rapist are hanged till death.