When Did We Stop Thinking?

Have I come a long way?

Changes that happen within you sometimes go unnoticed. I have been practicing a certain Buddhist philosophy for almost 2years now and with all the wonders that it has done to me one was which I recently realized, and I thought that I should document it through the blog so as to remember it. I am a kind of person who will be all tears in no time, like I can cry (I do cry) for almost any small matter… thinking of every aspect in life practically is something which comes naturally to me thanks to my mother, but getting all teared up is a must. For a long time I have been praying to make myself more professional and strong so as to handle my professional life nicely. So the other day when my collogue pointed out that she finds me strong headed I realized that I have actually changes. I have been able to handle all aspects of my life by giving it my best, be it at my work place or my relationship with my family, friends and my boyfriend (hopefully)
So well, I am just happy
And a very Happy Diwali to all you wonderful people!!! Have a safe and joyous Diwali… be safe and don’t burst too many crackers.