Work On Love?

Old Songs are Always The Best :)

            For a few days now I have been travelling to Dombivali from Dadar almost everyday and sometimes ( or rather everytime ) the travelling is  really a painful job. Just because the station area is so damn crowded you don’t get a cab to the station directly nor do you get a cab immediately outside the station its always a long walk and then chase down for the cab. And the train journey itself is also weird. You don’t get fast trains easily so I opt for the slow train which is like an hour long journey. So I plugged in my earphones and on went the music.
            After like half hour of the today’s generation music with all dhoosh dhoosh dhoosh beats it all sounded like noise to me. I ended up pushing the next button more often even without completing the song, it was then when Raj Kapoor’s Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua started playing and it was so soothing and good for the year that I made up a playlist with all the old songs and kept it playing on loop.
            Its not that I hate these new songs, ofcourse they are awesome! But sometimes Kishore Kumar’s Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si is better than Bhag DK Bose for me. But sometimes it all becomes plain noise and somewhere the pure essence of good music is lost. The old songs have a mixture of everything good lyrics, good music, and  a nice soothing feel it gives you and if you have the video as well … well its just a treat for your eyes.