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Ferrari ki Sawaari – Movie Review

Ferrari ki Sawaari, what a refreshing movie to watch. A simple lovable story of an honest father his son and the grandpa who has his own lil story to enrich the overall plot of the movie.  The start of the movie was adorable portraying the love between father and son. The story also just glides without anything you shall feel stupid or illogical. The plus point of the movie is the simplicity of it ( I know I have used the word simple quite a lot of time here, but that’s how the movie is!!! ) I can’t think of any bad part in the movie, or something that I didn’t like.
The movie is entertaining from start to end. And with each scene the story grows not a single place where the movie is stagnant or foolish.  Even the typical Parsi language used adds to the authenticity of the movie.  The thing I liked the most was that there was no heroine in it as such, generally in bollywood movie it is kind of mandatory to have a female lead but here the main characters were the 3 generations of a family of course the other actors added to the movie and their work cannot be neglected. Overall all the actors complimented and supported each other and helped grow the story.
The director, actors, music composers all did equal justice to the movie. And that’s the reason why it is such a big hit. It’s a kind of a movie which you can watch anytime, no matter what your mood is and you’ll laugh, cry, smile and feel good immediately.


  1. I have heard good things about this movie , so looking forward to seeing it when it hits uk cinema's



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